Connected Dynamic Training for Life

Based on MAST, a digital resistance formation module,
MASTS provides the most natural and precise resistance exercise for a human body.

Triumph. It’s Science.

The most unique functional trainer machine.
Precise sensing & fully networked training.
IoT on Fitness, perfect personalization.

CrossMAST is by far the smartest and exceptional cable crossover machine, designed specifically for functional training, the most effective way to enhance athletes’ performances. CrossMAST implemented electromagnetic resistance engine equipped with “the fastest response control” the world has ever seen. The resistance engine precisely measures the user’s exercise capability and provides them with personalised and realistic exercise based on the recorded data. CrossMAST’s carefully controlled system and the ability for the users to design their own workout by adjusting the resistance engine’s power allows the users to maximise the growth in their athletic ability as well as focus on improving specific parts such as muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility. As a sophisticated professional training device, CrossMAST provides optimised resistance profile for the motion system applied and is also capable of adjusting the maximum speed. Cutting edge technology is applied to analyse correlated data of the user’s body and exercise history and to recommend workouts determined by AI to maximise your workout. CrossMAST will provide you with optimal safe resistance exercise fit for any range of motion your sport may require.

Powered by
Electromagnetic Engine

• Electric, Precise Resistor Control
• Analyzed Quantification of Training
• Programmable Resistance Profile
 in Broad Range of Motion
• Smooth and Natural Resistance Feeling
• Injury Preventative

Optimization of Scientific Motion Performance

• Optimization of Scientific Motion Performance
• Real-Time Analysis of Motion Performance by
 Measuring Resistance, Force, Position, and
• Perfectly Networked Training Data
• Broad Range of User-Defined Movements
• AI Analysis of Training Results and Athletic

Input 220V/12A (instantaneous max)
Interface RS232 /CAN (Bluetooth, 485)
Resistance Step 200g

Size 1600 x 1000 x 500 mm3
Weight 350kg
Resistance Range 3kg ~ 45kg

Controllable Max. Pull Speed 18m/s
Cable Stroke 5m

Hyper-connected Training

MAST’s strength-cardio home gym allows the users to predict movements during strength training, considerably the hardest to keep track of while working out. MASTS provides workouts that can burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). 

Enjoy the Workout of Your Life Without Having to Leave Your House!

Do HIIT workouts with MASTS. Our module with dynamic resistance design for fast movement is optimised for a home gym with cardio-strength exercise capabilities. Social networks, games, etc. allows users to keep track of their records and work out with their friends.

There’s Someone for Everyone.
Everyone, Meet MASTS

Workout contents for both cardio and strength exercise are provided. Provided exercise contents make it easy for everyone, regardless of age and sex to workout.

Designed to Maximize the Efficiency of Use and Storage Space

Houses in cities like New York and Seoul are mostly small, but home gyms are even more necessary in small homes. Our product only takes up 2 m2 of space or can even be built in to maximize your exercise in the minimum space.

Will be released in first half of 2020

MASTS’ home gym is perfectly connected with the cloud to provide the best,
personalised workouts and physical therapy based on
the user’s recorded exercise data and healthcare data.

Muscle is Stronger than Pension

MAST-S has a resistance profile generating function that minimises the damage of joints.
It also comes with real-time remote medical consult, heartbeat/body temperature sensor feedback ensures optimal safety that prevents excessive exercise.

Maintaining Muscle Mass Is Critical for a Long, Healthy Life

From the age of 40, human body’s muscles may decrease by about 1% each year, although it may not show as dramatic on the outside. If the thighs and calves muscles are weak, it is much likely for one to suffer from geriatric diseases and diabetes. Being hospitalized for a long time from an accident or illness slows down recovery and increases sequelae. The most important factor in the correlation of body weakening due to ageing is the “loss of muscle”.
As you get older, the mass of white muscles, that are in charge of sudden large power, decreases at a faster rate than red muscles, that are in charge of small, long-lasting power.
The role of white muscles not only includes empowering but also keeping one safe by adapting quickly to environmental changes. Weak leg strength is one of the reasons why older people find it harder to walk on their own, but the most crucial factor is their fear of falling due to their lost body balance because of their inability to deal with even a small amount of outside force.


It is more effective to do strong intensity exercise for a short period of time rather than light intensity workout for a long period of time for the development of white muscles.

MAST-S offers muscular strength exercises targeted to train white muscles for seniors, providing both strength and fun.

It also allows family members or care centres to access and control the user’s progress by monitoring data.

Will be released in second half of 2020

Generating, Measuring, Connecting

MAST (Micro Automated Strength Trainer) is the world’s best resistance training system that can stimulate and train muscles. It is equipped with state-of-the-art electromagnetic response engine with fast response control capability to create sophisticated and realistic resistance feeling and is able to accurately measure workout history.

MAST’s precise control allows it to be applied to various purposes: muscle training, muscular strength, and flexibility can be either individually trained or in combination depending on the user’s need. Maximum resistance and maximum speed can be adjusted accordingly depending on the sport system applied, which allows everyone, including those who are not professional athletes, to apply it to their daily workouts, VR games, and physical therapy.

Fully integrated cloud server allows more service to be provided, and can even recommend workouts depending on the user’s workout and health history.

Advanced Resistance Generator

Based on precise force control technology using electromagnetic force, MAST creates kinetic resistance to the user’s movement.
By directly measuring the momentum such as force and speed, it is possible for MAST to create the optimal kinetic resistance, thereby eliminating the system’s irregularity.
MAST maintains uniform motion resistance regardless of the speed of motion by removing the resistance change caused by inertia and acceleration generated by classic kinetic resistance mechanism by using fast control technology.
By minimizing the complexity of the mechanical system and enabling direct control of electromagnetic force, MAST is able to quickly respond to the user’s movement.
Its capability to adjust the force according to speed and position based on accurate and precise force generation technology, MAST provides the force profile suitable for the user’s exercise and provides the user with tools to construct their own profile.

Quantification and Connection

MAST can easily integrate IoT technology such as smart mobile devices and cloud.
MAST makes it easier to keep track of the user’s workout history and result on mobile devices by precisely measuring force and speed.

AI-Generated Recommended Workouts

MAST provides workouts and programs optimised for the user’s purpose by combining Seoul National University Sports Engineering Department’s bio-signal analysis technology.
By analysing muscle signals during exercise, MAST examines and predicts what is the best workout for the user.
RPG (Resistance Profile Generator) technology enables MAST to design a precise kinematic resistance profile according to the needs of the user. This preciseness prevents muscles from overworking and thereby can also be applied to physical therapy.

MAST-mini MAST050-060 MAST100-030 MAST200-050
Input Power 220VAC / 3.3A 220VAC/27.5A
Size 270 x 140 x 185 mm3 400 x 240 x 320 mm3
Weight 8 kg 28 kg 28 kg 31 kg
Resistance Step 0.5 kg 0.5 kg
Resistance Range 2 ~ 10 kg 2 ~ 50 kg 2 ~ 100 kg 2 ~ 200 kg
Controllable Max. Pull Speed 15 m/s 6.0 m/s 3.0 m/s 5.0 m/s
Stroke 2 m 3 m

* MAST Engine Module is built with Quality Proven Industrial Standard (not for Household Usage) Motors. MAST users are recommeded to provide application details to MicroAutomation for most optimum component selection of motor and other electro-mechanical parts.
* Speed Increaser is to improve the range of controllable pull speed. Max Resistance is reduced accordingly.

Connected Dynamic Training for Life

Based on MAST, a digital resistance formation module, MASTS provides the most natural and precise resistance exercise for a human body.


World’s best robot experts built a “smooth resistance generating motor algorithm” to resemble the most optimal, natural state of human muscles. It is the far most developed system in the world to stimulate and train muscles.

The right to use the original technology of resistance generating module and to use and patent the base technology to various exercises belong to MASTS.